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Vitamin Information for Macular Degeneration

Here is our latest information on the vitamins and eye disease. So far, the most researched disease for this is Age Related Macular Degeneration where Preservision AREDS2 vitamins (2 a day) have been shown to slow it down. There is more information coming out about other diseases like diabetes and vitamins but this is still being researched. See the printout for more info.

Here is an Amsler Grid so that you can download and print the file. Put this up on the refrigerator or inside the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Place it so that you can see the target with one eye covered. Notice if there are any new distortions, blur spots or other changes in the vision. Then test the other eye by covering the other eye. If there are new issues with the vision, do not wait more than a day or two to be seen, call right away and be worked in to be examined.

Post Op Instructions

This form is the general post operative instructions for patients to use after surgery in most cases. It has more specific instructions on how to care for an eye that had surgery in the hospital. Please refer to the specific information given to you at the hospital. This form is here in case the other form was lost. This will keep you on track and continue the meds. if in doubt, please call the office.

Covid Shield for Slit Lamp

Here is a template for a home made Covid Spray Shield for slit lamps in doctors’ offices. This can be printed out and the circles should be cut out. Then place this over a clear acetate sheet and mark the holes on the acetate. Cut the acetate sheet to open the circles. Cut the corners of the acetate round as shown on the diagram. Place the sheet over the eye pieces of the slit lamp. See the recent Duke study in the popular literature on the effectiveness of various shields in protecting patients, doctors and technicians from spray.

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